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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Char Koay Teow Recipe (Resep Char Koay Teow )

Welcome back again to seleranusantara , now selera nusantara is being global web that serve many recipes from all around the world , not only from asia. Today we'll share one of best recipe from Malaysia, named Char Koay Teow recipe or resep Char Koay Teow . Koay teow is a noddle made from rice , and it taste wondeful. Just follow the instruction and the right ingredients, and happy cooking friends and the result should be wonderful

Char Koay Teow Recipe (Resep Char Koay Teow )

Ingredients :

- 120g koay teow (flat rice noodles)
- 70ml cooking oil
- 100g raw smallish prawns, shelled and de-veined but tail left on (should be about 6)
- 10g chopped garlic
- 20g chilli paste*
- 1 egg
- 30g Chinese sausage, sliced thinly on diagonal
- 10g chopped chives
- 30g bean sprouts
- Koay Teow Sauce
- 120ml light soy sauce
- 15ml thick soy sauce
- 15ml oyster sauce
- 15ml fish sauce
- 30g sugar
- 5g pepper

How to Cook :

To make koay teow sauce, mix light soy sauce, thick soy sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, sugar and pepper in a jug. Prepare noodles as per instructions. Heat wok, add oil. Stir-fry prawns with chopped garlic until fragrant. Add noodles and stir quickly. Add chilli paste, 30ml koay teow sauce, egg and Chinese sausage. Stir-fry well. Toss in chives and bean sprouts just before serving.

Serves for 1

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