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Friday, February 15, 2008

Steamed Rice Cake | Arem - Arem

(Source : Herti Arc)

500 gr rice
1 ltr coconut milk
1 sdt salt (one spoon)
1 lbr salam leaves

200 gr chop meat (cut it until soft)
1-2 bh carrot
1 bh potatos
red chili, cut it until soft
3 spoon cooing oil, for cooking
300 ml sticky coconut oil
Banana leaves

Soft Ingredients:
6 red onion
3 garlic
1 cm galingale
1 cm galangale, chop it
1/2 sdt merica
1 sdt garam
2 sdt gula pasir

How to Cook:
Put all the rice to reice cooker, cook it until well done

Fry all the soft ingredients until smells good
Put in the chop meat, mix it until change colour.
Put in the potatoes and carrotsMasukkan wortel dan kentang.
Put in the coconut milkTuangkan santan kedlmnya.
Cook it with middle until cooked well

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