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Saturday, May 17, 2008

What is your favourite food?? and your Favourite Recipe ?

Hi everyone , i want to ask you a single simple question ? What is your favourite food? i'm not asking about the specific food but more likely from waht Country? like Japanese food , Chinese food , Italian food etc . For me i like Asian food , especially Japanese food , i'm not a Japanese but i like Japanese food. Hmm.. well , i guess because it is tasty. Other than japanese food , i like Indonesian food and Western food , such as Italian food and American Food.
In my opinion , Western Food is content more fat but with more nutrition , take a example : burger , steak , etc. No wonder Western people have a big body than Asian. I saw the Mcdonald movie , i forgot the title , in that movie there wasa person who always eat junk food every day , that his healty is going down, wel that prove that jun food is not good for health. For your variation , please try Asia food , of course healty Asian food, with less fat and more taste.
In case you like Indonesian food , you come to a correct site , because this site is one of the biggest Asian and Indonesian recipes source in the world. You can find all the recipes in the index , just select the index and you will find all the recipes. Enjoy it.